Hugo Gernsback, a name deeply associated with Science Fiction. And it should be since the man coined the term "Science Fiction" . The man was a visionary who established the editorial grounds for all modern regular science fiction/fantasy publications with his creation of Amazing Stories in 1926. He was also a gigantic douchebag who paid his authors close to nothing and was widely known among writers of that time as "Hugo The Rat".

But independently of his editorial practices, it can't be denied that the man was a genius. During his tenure as a writer in the magazine Science and Invention (which he would direct a decade later),he wrote an article about the future of law enforcement in the May 1924 issue. Gernasbacks predict that hulking Radio Controlled automatons would be used as Crowd Control agents against those pesky mobs protesting against Prohibition:

The level of detail on these mechanical monstrocities that Gernsback envisioned is astounding. One can only wonder if there isn't a paralel dimension where these things are going "YOU HAVE 30 SECONDS TO COMPLY"...

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